Taiping the Historical Heaven Land

Are you excited of going to Taiping now?

Ahaha, if you do, then that's good because you're going to be needing a preparation plan before going to the Heaven Land.

First of all, you need a map to go there. Since Kuala Lumpur is the federal capital of Malaysia, I would give a navigation on how to get to Taiping from Kuala Lumpur. Please view the picture below =)

During the travel, there would be 2 R&R that should try to visit before reaching Taiping.

It would be R&R Tapah and R&R Sg. Dua. The are tons of food and fruits of Malaysia can be obtained there.

Ok, once you completed with R&R, you're getting nearer to reach Taiping. If yo do, congratulation!!!

There are two entrance to Taiping, and I would suggest the second one to avoid being lost in the town.

Now here's the map inside Taiping. The map is borrowed from Panorama Hotel, the heart of Taiping. Have a stay there if you want to have a rest at the historic town.

Reference: 1) https://maps.google.com.my/
                2) http://goo.gl/Tm6QC


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  1. Wow.. now I can visit taiping without being lost... thanks bro..

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