Taiping the Historical Heaven Land

Feeling hungry after enjoying the beautiful scenery of Taiping?

Well, how about have a try with the Taiping special dishes. Most of them are fine dishes that has the recipe upgraded from time to time ever since i was born so that it would fulfill the majestic taste of the visitors.

Some of the recommended restaurant is:


Doli, the legendary stall in Taiping, would be probably heard by you long time ago if you were a Koay Teow fans. This not a Char Koay Teow but a Koay Teow dish and there is a difference. What sets Doli apart from the other Malay KT sellers is the fact that they still fry on charcoal fire. And, their Malay KT is not wet. If you go to Taiping, the birthplace of KT Doli, this place is perpetually packed at night, every night. The Doli Uncle fries the KT behind the counter. If you observe carefully, his unhurried technique is quite different from chinese styled ones. Hence the *major* difference in taste profile. Also, he has to compensate for the lower charcoal heat. His technique is a bit different. After the noodles are fried, eggs  goes in last and spread across the wok. 1 wok, max 4 pax only. Once done, it goes up on a lazy susan and ringed up for table delivery

Bismillah Restaurant

Another restaurant that should be visited is the Bismillah Restaurant in Taiping. The restaurant is a century’s old establishment, and has been around at this same building for close to 80 years now. Yes, count them, EIGHT DECADES of legacy.
Famous for their Roti Canai, and also serving Roti Telur, Thosai, Nasi Briyani, and the usual ‘mamak’ (Indian-Muslim) fares, this charming eatery should not be mistaken for that famous Bismillah Cendol on Jalan Barrack, although they are sharing the same name.

Mee Udang Mak Jemah

Being a lil bit far away from Taiping town, Mee Udang Mak Jemah has attracted more customer all over Malaysia, especially their restaurant has been review in TV3 and Berita Harian.

On the left is the famous Flooded Prawn Noodle. In Malay, it is called `mee banjir udang'. 8-9 prawns in a bowl. It only costs RM7.00. The gravy is thick and flavorful with generous serving of prawns. Great food. Really worth the price.

For those that prefer to eat "Nasi Goreng", the dishes above will suit you well. Named Nasi Goreng Udang Biasa, which cost RM7, have around 5~6 udang inside, and included special soup in the plate. The quantity of the rice are than what you would expect from normal stall. 

The are two types of mee udang. One is with soup and the other one is fried with chillies and soya sauce. This black type soya sauce noodles also costs RM7.00.



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