Taiping the Historical Heaven Land

Feeling hungry after enjoying the beautiful scenery of Taiping?

Well, how about have a try with the Taiping special dishes. Most of them are fine dishes that has the recipe upgraded from time to time ever since i was born so that it would fulfill the majestic taste of the visitors.

Some of the recommended restaurant is:


Doli, the legendary stall in Taiping, would be probably heard by you long time ago if you were a Koay Teow fans. This not a Char Koay Teow but a Koay Teow dish and there is a difference. What sets Doli apart from the other Malay KT sellers is the fact that they still fry on charcoal fire. And, their Malay KT is not wet. If you go to Taiping, the birthplace of KT Doli, this place is perpetually packed at night, every night. The Doli Uncle fries the KT behind the counter. If you observe carefully, his unhurried technique is quite different from chinese styled ones. Hence the *major* difference in taste profile. Also, he has to compensate for the lower charcoal heat. His technique is a bit different. After the noodles are fried, eggs  goes in last and spread across the wok. 1 wok, max 4 pax only. Once done, it goes up on a lazy susan and ringed up for table delivery

Bismillah Restaurant

Another restaurant that should be visited is the Bismillah Restaurant in Taiping. The restaurant is a century’s old establishment, and has been around at this same building for close to 80 years now. Yes, count them, EIGHT DECADES of legacy.
Famous for their Roti Canai, and also serving Roti Telur, Thosai, Nasi Briyani, and the usual ‘mamak’ (Indian-Muslim) fares, this charming eatery should not be mistaken for that famous Bismillah Cendol on Jalan Barrack, although they are sharing the same name.

Mee Udang Mak Jemah

Being a lil bit far away from Taiping town, Mee Udang Mak Jemah has attracted more customer all over Malaysia, especially their restaurant has been review in TV3 and Berita Harian.

On the left is the famous Flooded Prawn Noodle. In Malay, it is called `mee banjir udang'. 8-9 prawns in a bowl. It only costs RM7.00. The gravy is thick and flavorful with generous serving of prawns. Great food. Really worth the price.

For those that prefer to eat "Nasi Goreng", the dishes above will suit you well. Named Nasi Goreng Udang Biasa, which cost RM7, have around 5~6 udang inside, and included special soup in the plate. The quantity of the rice are than what you would expect from normal stall. 

The are two types of mee udang. One is with soup and the other one is fried with chillies and soya sauce. This black type soya sauce noodles also costs RM7.00.


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Nature is one of the Taiping main attraction. Few of it which is the Maxwell Hill/Bukit Larut, Zoo Taiping, Taman Tasik and also the Burmese Pool. With all the place are close together, it will give you a continues experience rich of nature without hassle.

Maxwell Hill/Bukit Larut

Maxwell Hill, which now known as Bukit Larut are good for those who like fresh air and exercise. The cold ambience has always attracted lots of visitor to this place. Many people walk and jog up the hill. Good for fitness. Recommended for fitness and bush walking enthusiasts. There is a conventional road going up as well as short cuts. Do take advice or follow the regulars when you want to try the short cuts. There are people serving free drinks on pondok 2 and 3. You will be a very fit fella if you walk up regularly.

The hill is a haven for birds such as the rhinoceros hornbill, large moths and butterflies, beetles, monkeys and Pope's Pit Viper. You can also see beautiful Tulip flowers on the links. A visitor will take 11 minutes to reach the 1,250m peak of the resort from the bottom of the mountain, compared with the 30-minute, 13km ride via four-wheel-drive or government Land Rover. Taiping is growing my friend!! Another thought is to preserve the area is to build this at another hill instead. Away from water catchment areas. Romantic place as well.

Taman Tasik Taiping

The best hanging out place in Taiping, The Taiping Lake Gardens is the biggest urban parkland in Malaysia. At 222 acres, the gardens is about as big as Taiping Old Town, such was the size of recreational comfort enjoyed by the folks of Taiping today. Within it is housed massive ponds, lakes, and reputably, the best zoological gardens in Malaysia. Lake Garden used to be the biggest tin mining in Malaysia.

There was an oldest golf course in Malaysia within the vicinity, but it was closed in the year 1995 due to the hazard it posed to the users at the lake garden. The course has since been converted to parks where trees, flowers and playgrounds have replaced the common sight of a golf course. Supposedly there was another land nearby the lake garden almost created as a new golf course, but the plan stopped too for the same reason.

In Taiping Lake Garden, there is a boat house named Pusat Rekreasi Dayung, where boating services are provided. It's a must visit place for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lakes in a relaxing way. The boat house has a restaurant for visitors to dine-in and also souvenirs counter.

Ferry can accommodate around 10 person. It will take you one trip around in the lake gardens. It costs RM4 for adults and RM3 for children.

Swan boat is a 2-seater pedal boat. It costs RM10 for 2 adults for a 30-minutes duration ride. You can also include a child for an additional of RM2.

Zoo Taiping

Taiping Zoo is special in its own way. It is located in a lovely natural setting in Taiping Lake Gardesn close to the foot of the Larut Hill ( Maxwell Hill) and contains rare animals such as the Malaysian Tiger, Lion, Siaman, Deer, Nilgai, Night Heron and many others.

The entrance Fee during day time is:

RM12 / adult
RM10 / senior citizen (55 yrs and above) 
RM8 / child (4 yrs and above) 

While the special Night Safari, in which the only night safari in Peninsular Malaysia, the visiting time owuld be from 8pm to 11pm. It opens for every night including Public Holidays. For those that hate hot weather, this would be your best choice to overcome that problem so that you can spend quality time with your family sightseeing animals in the zoo more comfortably. 

While the entrance fee for the night safari is:

RM16 / adult
RM12 / senior citizen (55 yrs and above) 
RM10 / child (4 yrs and above) 


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Finish with the overview of Taiping and how to get there, now lets have a sight on the famous historical places in Taiping.

 1. The first one would be the Taiping Museum.

Renowned as The Perak Museum, and Taiping Museum has become the heart of Taiping. It is the first and by far the oldest museum in Taiping.

 Initially, the museum concerned with natural history particularly ethnography, zoology and geology, key areas of interest of its founder Sir Hugh, and botany an interest share by both Sir Hugh Low and its first curator Leonard Wray Jr., who was curator from 1883 to 1903.

This museum should not to be confused with The Perak Museum in Ipoh erected in 1926 by a rich and successful tin miner called Foo Choong Kit.

 2. The second historical place to be visit in Taiping is the Taiping Railway Station.

Same as the Taiping Museum, this railway station is the oldest railway station in Malaysia. It is the first railway to be constructed in 1882.

The photo shown is the second version of Taiping railway station. The first one is located at the building King Edward VII Primary School currently in use.

Starting last year, a new construction upon upgrading the station has been made. If you're going to visit it now, most probably only the building is open for view. The railway is closed temporarily.

3. The third place would be The Taiping Prison.

Originally known as The Perak Prison, the prison is the first and oldest complex prison in Malaysia. It was established in year 1879.

With the establishment of the Federate Malay state, Taiping Prison became the detention center for prisoners with long sentences from Perak, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan and Selangor.

 http://teochiewkia.blogspot.com/2009/09/taiping-meseum-heritage-buildings.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perak_State_Museum
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Are you excited of going to Taiping now?

Ahaha, if you do, then that's good because you're going to be needing a preparation plan before going to the Heaven Land.

First of all, you need a map to go there. Since Kuala Lumpur is the federal capital of Malaysia, I would give a navigation on how to get to Taiping from Kuala Lumpur. Please view the picture below =)

During the travel, there would be 2 R&R that should try to visit before reaching Taiping.

It would be R&R Tapah and R&R Sg. Dua. The are tons of food and fruits of Malaysia can be obtained there.

Ok, once you completed with R&R, you're getting nearer to reach Taiping. If yo do, congratulation!!!

There are two entrance to Taiping, and I would suggest the second one to avoid being lost in the town.

Now here's the map inside Taiping. The map is borrowed from Panorama Hotel, the heart of Taiping. Have a stay there if you want to have a rest at the historic town.

Reference: 1) https://maps.google.com.my/
                2) http://goo.gl/Tm6QC

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Hi there people, =D

Welcome to this blog that will give a deep insight of Taiping and it's interesting places.

Hopefully this site would reminiscence all the past memories for those that stayed in Taiping, while to those that never visited Taiping yet would be fascinated by the storytelling that I'm about to tell here.

To start with, Taiping is a town located in northern PerakMalaysia. With a population of 191,104 (in 2007),] it is the second largest town in Perak after Ipoh, the state capital. Taiping took over Kuala Kangsar's role as the state capital from 1876 to 1937, but was then replaced by Ipoh. Its development slowed down after that, but in recent years the town has begun developing rapidly again.

The word Taiping actually taken from the word Tai-Peng, in which Chinese dictionary state the meaning as Eternal Peace.

Taiping also receives some limelight for being the wettest town in Peninsular Malaysia, with an average rain of 5 times a week. . Its unusual rainfall has also led to a fertile collection of flora and century-old rain trees in the Taiping Lake Gardens.


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