Taiping the Historical Heaven Land

Finish with the overview of Taiping and how to get there, now lets have a sight on the famous historical places in Taiping.

 1. The first one would be the Taiping Museum.

Renowned as The Perak Museum, and Taiping Museum has become the heart of Taiping. It is the first and by far the oldest museum in Taiping.

 Initially, the museum concerned with natural history particularly ethnography, zoology and geology, key areas of interest of its founder Sir Hugh, and botany an interest share by both Sir Hugh Low and its first curator Leonard Wray Jr., who was curator from 1883 to 1903.

This museum should not to be confused with The Perak Museum in Ipoh erected in 1926 by a rich and successful tin miner called Foo Choong Kit.

 2. The second historical place to be visit in Taiping is the Taiping Railway Station.

Same as the Taiping Museum, this railway station is the oldest railway station in Malaysia. It is the first railway to be constructed in 1882.

The photo shown is the second version of Taiping railway station. The first one is located at the building King Edward VII Primary School currently in use.

Starting last year, a new construction upon upgrading the station has been made. If you're going to visit it now, most probably only the building is open for view. The railway is closed temporarily.

3. The third place would be The Taiping Prison.

Originally known as The Perak Prison, the prison is the first and oldest complex prison in Malaysia. It was established in year 1879.

With the establishment of the Federate Malay state, Taiping Prison became the detention center for prisoners with long sentences from Perak, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan and Selangor.

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